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Home » Should You Include Your Spouse on Your Auto Insurance Policy? Let’s Weigh the Options.
October 14, 2023

Should You Include Your Spouse on Your Auto Insurance Policy? Let’s Weigh the Options.

Include Your Spouse On Your Auto Insurance Policy?

When it comes to auto insurance, it’s often a smart move to include your spouse on your policy. There are several advantages to this strategy, one of the most significant being the potential for multi-car discounts. By covering two vehicles under the same policy, you can typically benefit from substantial savings offered by insurance providers.

However, as with all decisions, there are pros and cons to consider. While adding your spouse to your policy can yield financial benefits, it’s also important to note that their driving record will be taken into account. If they’ve had several accidents or traffic violations, this might negatively impact your premium. Ultimately, the decision should be made after a thorough evaluation of both your driving histories and financial circumstances.


Discounts Available for Policies with Multiple Drivers

Many insurance companies offer attractive discounts when you include your spouse and their car on your auto insurance policy. This is primarily because insurance providers are aware that both partners have access to each other’s vehicles and there’s a good chance you’ll end up driving each other’s cars at some point. It’s a common practice in the industry to incentivize multi-car policies, as it’s simpler for them to manage one policy for a household rather than separate policies.

So, when you add your spouse and their vehicle to your plan, you’re not just making things easier for the insurer, you’re likely to benefit from a reduced rate as well.


When it May Not be Wise to Add Your Spouse to Your Policy

While most couples find financial benefit in bundling their auto insurance policies together, there are circumstances where this approach may not be the most frugal. Specifically, if your spouse has a continuous track record of traffic infringements, accidents, or driving-related convictions, adding them to your policy could potentially lead to a significant hike in your premiums.

In such cases, the multi car discounts that insurance companies usually offer may be outweighed by the increased risk that your spouse’s driving history introduces. Consequently, it might be more economical to maintain separate car insurance policies.

When you have a sterling driving record and a consistent history of maintaining auto insurance, it’s only natural to assume that you’ll enjoy lower premiums. However, the picture can change considerably when you add a spouse with a less-than-perfect driving record to your policy.

Auto insurance companies assess the risk profile of every driver on the policy, including your spouse. If your spouse has a track record of accidents, tickets, or inconsistent insurance coverage, the insurer may consider you a higher risk.

Consequently, this could lead to a significant increase in your premiums or, in some cases, non-renewal of your policy altogether. Remember, insurance is all about risk management, and a spouse with a shaky driving history could tip the scales unfavorably.

What Should You Do if Your Spouse Has a Poor Driving History?

Considering Exclusion: An Alternative Option

If your spouse’s driving history isn’t exactly stellar, you may be considering the option to exclude them from your auto insurance policy. While this can often lead to lower premiums, keep in mind that it is vital to understand the laws of your specific state.

Some states prohibit the exclusion of household residents from an auto insurance policy. In such cases, you would have to shop around for an auto insurance company that can accommodate both drivers, while still offering a competitive rate.

In situations where you have the option to exclude your spouse from your policy, your partner can seek coverage from an insurance company that caters to drivers with a less-than-perfect driving record. This way, you can maintain a low premium on your policy, while your spouse still has the required coverage.

For information about such options, don’t hesitate to contact Bargain Insurance Connection. We always ready to help and provide the best solutions for your circumstances.


Your Partner has a Bad Credit History

It’s become quite commonplace for insurance companies to use credit history as one of the determining factors for your rates. If your spouse doesn’t have the best credit, this can certainly affect the cost of your auto insurance. However, a less-than-perfect credit score isn’t necessarily a roadblock to affordable premiums, especially if your partner maintains a good driving record otherwise. In fact, the increase may not be as high as you might expect.

The key takeaway here is that while a spouse’s credit can influence your rates, their safe driving habits can offset this. Therefore, including your spouse and their vehicle on the same insurance policy can still be a cost-effective choice, thanks to multi-car discounts that many providers offer.


Your Spouse’s Owns an Expensive Car

Indeed, if your spouse is the owner of a high-end sports car or luxury vehicle, adding that car to your insurance policy can lead to a significant increase in the insurance premiums. These types of vehicles are often associated with higher repair costs, making them riskier for insurance companies to cover. In some cases, your insurance company might not accept to include such a vehicle on your policy at all.

Therefore, it might be wise to get a separate policy for your spouse’s vehicle. Despite this, for standard vehicles, bundling auto insurance with a spouse often leads to savings, thanks to multi-car discounts offered by many insurance providers. The key is to analyze the specific circumstances and choose the option that provides the best value.

For further details on auto insurance, feel free to contact us at 816.453.7722 or simply request a complimentary insurance quote below.

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