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Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Kansas City

Insurance Without a Car for Missouri & Kansas


Non-owner insurance: what is it and who needs to have it?

If you are using a non-owned vehicle, then liability insurance is an absolute must. Non-Owner Insurance provides additional coverage in the event of an accident and can help to protect your financial security if primary policy limits have been exhausted.

If you have received a DUI/DWI, no insurance tickets or unpaid tickets, the state will require that you purchase an SR22 insurance policy even if you don’t own a vehicle. This is true for most drivers who are in need of non-owner policies. Filing an SR22 with your insurer is essential to ensuring that you remain compliant with regulations and can continue driving legally on public roads.

What does non-owner SR22 insurance cover?

Non-owner insurance is a liability policy that provides coverage for drivers who do not own a vehicle. SR22 insurance is one type of non-owner insurance that is required by the state of Missouri or Kansas if you are convicted of certain traffic violations, such as driving without valid insurance or having too many points on your driver’s license. Non-owner SR22 insurance provides liability coverage when you borrow someone else’s car.

It provides bodily injury and property damage to other vehicles and it’s occupants in case you are found at fault. Just remember, the vehicles primary policies is responsible for the damages first, non-owner would only provide additional coverage.

Woman driving a car

Coverage not provided by non-owner SR22 insurance

If you plan to drive a vehicle owned by someone in your household, it is essential that you be added as a driver on their policy. Non-owner insurance policies do not cover vehicles or drivers who are members of same household and will not provide coverage while operating cars either.

In addition, non-owner insurance does not cover commercial or rental vehicles.

Who is not qualified for a non-owner insurance?

Do not purchase a non-owner policy if you own a vehicle; in this case, regular car insurance is necessary. Similarly, if there’s another person who owns the car that you use frequently, they must add you as an insured driver on their policy rather than purchasing a non-owner policy for yourself.

What coverage is required for a non-owner insurance?

In both, Missouri and Kansas, the minimum coverage required is $25,000 bodily injury each person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident and $25,000 property damage and uninsured motorist coverage of $25,000 bodily injury each person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident.

In Kansas you also have personal injury protection (PIP) of at least $4,500 that benefits in case of an accident for lost wages, rehabilitation, medical expenses and funeral expenses.

Can you get full coverage with a non-owner policy?

Non-owner auto policies do not provide comprehensive or collision coverage, as there is no particular vehicle to insure. Once you purchase a vehicle, then you can add full coverage insurance.

Is the non-owner insurance cheaper than regular auto insurance?

Non-owner insurance policies are typically cheaper than regular car insurance since it is an excess policy and has limitation and exclusions.

Can I get a non-owner insurance without SR22?

Yes, a non-owner policy can be purchased without SR22 filing. Same limitations and exclusions apply.

Where to get non-owner SR22 insurance

Non-owner SR22 insurance policies are not offered by all companies since they consider you a high-risk driver. Bargain Insurance Connection can help you get non-owner insurance in Missouri, Kansas. Call us at 816.453.7722 for a free quote or request an online quote.

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