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Homeowners Insurance in Kansas City


Home Insurance, Mobile Home Coverage, Vacant Home in Missouri and Kansas




Find Affordable Home Insurance in Kansas City:

Did your home insurance increase in the last 12 months? Are you looking for cheaper homeowners insurance than what you are paying now?
Here are Bargain Insurance Connection, we are doing the legwork for your in getting the beast deals on home insurance.

We can check the rates from many home insurance companies, saving you endless hours of spending on the phone or online.

Are you a new home buyer? Perfect, we can get you the coverage that your mortgage lender requests, making sure that your house is fully insured even in case of a total loss.

Are you currently without any home insurance? No worries, Bargain Insurance Connection can help you too. After your first year of being insured, you can qualify for even better rates.

Our team is trained to apply all possible discounts that you qualify for. We will match or provide even better coverage than what you have now.

Don’t wait to start saving money, request a home insurance quote from us today and see the saving for yourself.

Front of a one family home

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

  • Dwelling Coverage – This part of your policy pays for the damage to the building in case of fire, lightning, hail, wind and vandalism. There are two different types of coverage:
  1. Replacement Cost Value (RCV) – Replacement Cost, as the name implies, will rebuild your house in case of a total loss with a same size and modern building materials. You would have to insure your home for a higher amount than the value of your house.
  2. Actual Cash Value (ACV)  will pay for the damage based on depreciation. For example, a 15-year old roof that has hail damage will be worth less than when it was new. Therefore, the claim payout will be smaller.


  • Personal Liability – This part of the policy protects you against damages levied against you, like a lawsuit from a person injured on your property. This also includes coverage if your dog would bite another person. Please note, most insurance companies have restriction of certain dog breeds, so make sure to check with your insurance agent about eligibility.


  • Medical Pay – This part of your policy covers small medical claims if your guest is injured while on your property.


  • Personal Property – This coverage is for your contents of the house. Includes everything from your furniture, electronics, clothing, appliances etc. Just like under dwelling coverage, you have two options to insure it, replacement cost or actual cash value. Please note, most insurance companies have limits of insurance on electronics, jewelry or guns. In some cases, you can do a scheduled property and list individual items and their value. Check with your insurance agent to make sure your contents are properly insured.


  • Loss of Use – This coverage pays for additional living expenses if your house becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss. It would help pay for hotel and transportation expenses up to the limit of your policy.



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Home office


There is additional coverage you can add to your homeowners insurance policy, like water damage, mold and remediation or sewer back-up. Not all homes will qualify for replacement cost coverage, depending on the age and condition of the property. Bargain Insurance Connection is here to guide you with the home insurance purchase, just give us a call at 816.453.7722 or submit our online form.

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover a Flood?

There a different causes of flood and coverage depends on your policy. If your basement floods due to heavy rain, then you could have coverage through your insurance company. If the flood is caused by surface water, like overflowing river or ocean, then you homeowners policy coverage does not apply. In case you live in a flood zone and you want to have flood insurance, you must purchase it from insurance agencies that offer the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Mobile & Manufactured Home Insurance in Kansas City:

Mobile home

If you own a mobile home we can help you protect it. Low annual premiums, discounts for mobile home parks. We check quotes with multiple insurance companies to provide the insurance at lowest prices.

What does mobile home insurance cover?

  • Mobile home structure – your mobile home insurance protects the mobile home structure against losses like windstorm, hail, fire or vandalism.
  • Your personal belongings – your policy also includes coverages for your contents, things like your furniture, electronics, jewelry and your clothing.
  • Personal liability – this part helps pay medical expenses to guests of your home if they fall and injure themselves. It can also help you pay for legal defense for claims made against you for injuries sustained while on your property.
  • Other structures – the mobile home policy provides coverage for structures on your property detached from your home like a garage or a shed.

Why do I need Mobile Home Insurance?

You worked hard to own your home and unexpected losses can occur at any time. Should a strong windstorm pass and damage your home, unless you have the cash reserve to pay for repairs out of your pocket, this could be a big financial setback. Mobile home insurance is fairly inexpensive, especially if it is located in a mobile home park.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get mobile home insurance today.

Rental Property Insurance:

If you own a property and you have tenants, you need to have landlord insurance. This policy covers the building itself, loss of use and provides liability coverage. Some additional coverages are available to endorse your policy, like limited content coverage and water/sewer back up coverage. You should always ask your tenant to show proof of renters insurance, since that covers their contents and also includes liability coverage if the cause damage to the building.

At Bargain Insurance Connection we offer landlord packages and you can insure multiple properties you own. You can have the peace of mind your home is well protected while you have tenants occupying your property.

Vacant Property Insurance in Kansas City:

Whether you just purchased an investment property that you want to renovate and resell or just looking to rent it out, we have the right coverage for you. We provide vacant home insurance which includes coverage against windstorm, hail, lightning, fire and vandalism. This policy also provides liability coverage for your property if anyone is injured on your property.

Depending how long your house was vacant, most insurance companies have a limit of not more than two years vacant to be eligible for this policy.

How To Save Money on Home Insurance:

Lowering your home insurance rates is not the easiest task in today’s market, but by following the below tips you can take control of your home insurance costs and start saving money. At the same time, cost should not be the only factor considered when comparing home insurance policies. It’s important to understand the coverage you will be receiving for the price and determine if it fits your personal needs.

– Shop Around:

One the most important ways to save money on your homeowners insurance is to comparison shop. Your homeowners policy renews every year, we suggest to check once a year other insurance companies and compare the rates and coverage with your current carrier, especially if you have been claim free for the past five years. You would be surprised at savings you can get sometimes by switching.

Bargain Insurance Connection will provide you with a free homeowners quote from several of the top insurance companies. This makes the shopping and comparing your home insurance easier than ever – we do the research and work for you!

– Multi Policy Discounts:

By having your home and car insurance with the same insurance company, you may qualify for additional discounts. Your local Bargain Insurance Connection agent can review with you which companies offer this type of discount and discuss your options.

Few things to ask your insurance agent:

  • Ask at what value should you insurance you house for?
    There are different settlements when it come to claims. Most common one is to insure your property for Replacement Cost Coverage (RCV). This type of policy would rebuild your house at equal size and replace your belongings at values when new. Another common property valuation is Actual Cash Value or ACV. This policy would pay you the depreciated value of your house and the contents. ACV policies are generally cheaper than replacement cost, but also offer lesser coverage. Depending on the age or the condition of the home, not all will qualify for the replacement cost.
  • What discounts can I get?
    If you have another policy, like auto insurance, with the same company, you would qualify for a multi policy discount. If you have a burglar alarm installed can also help you with the insurance premium. New roof that you recently had installed would give you cheaper home insurance. Mention any updates that you have done to the house like plumbing or electrical updates can all help you lower your premium.
  • Ask what is generally not covered under a home insurance policy.
    There are some endorsements you can add to your homeowners insurance policy that can extend coverages, things like sewer back up if it floods your house.

Ready for the next step? Get a homeowners quote today.


Give us call at 816.453.7722 or request an online quote. You can save money by bundling auto and home insurance together.


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