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Home » Affordable Landlord Insurance in Kansas City

Affordable Landlord Insurance in Kansas City


Landlord Insurance for Kansas City area, Missouri & Kansas


If you buy a home with a plan to rent it to others, you will need your homeowners insurance customized to the property. As a landlord, you will face unique risks when someone else leases the property and when you have a vacant home between renters.  

You can trust Bargain Insurance Connection to help you get the policy that is right for your rental property. We offer Kansas City landlords adaptable, affordable policies that can come to their aid in challenging situations. To get your policy, call us at 816-453-7722

How Does Landlord Insurance Work?  

Fires, severe weather, lawsuits, theft of property, vandalism or other problems might arise in your home at any time. With the right homeowners insurance, the owner will have financial assistance to recover from their losses.  

When insuring a rental property, you will have to account for the additional risks associated with being a landlord. Numerous hazards might impact the property while it is both occupied and vacant, and problems could also harm tenants. Your homeowners policy can protect you in these unique scenarios and enable you to move on from problems with minimal financial losses.

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?  

Homeowners insurance for landlords can generally include: 

  • Property insurance – Covers damage to the home following hazards like fires, severe weather, lightning, hail and vandalism. 
  • Personal property for maintenance coverage—Covers your personal property that you leave in the rented space for maintenance purposes. If you leave a lawnmower at the home to mow the lawn, then this coverage will apply. However, you may not have coverage for other possessions like furniture or electronics.
  • Liability insurance – Liability insurance helps you protect yourself against costs arising from lawsuits, including lawsuits brought by tenants. It may cover you against allegations of third-party bodily injuries, property damage and other losses.
  • Loss of rental income coverage – If a covered event damages your home and you cannot use it as a rental property, this coverage can compensate you for the lost rent. 


You may also be interested in additional coverage such as:


  • Building code coverage
  • Non-occupied dwelling endorsements
  • Heating/Air conditioning loss reimbursement coverage

Your Bargain Insurance Connection team is committed to helping you personalize a policy that will take your specific needs into account. 

How Much Does Landlord Insurance Cost?  

Numerous factors can influence the cost of your policy, including the coverage limits you choose, the location of the home and the home’s property value. We offer policies from top-rated carriers, and we can help you find a policy that offers great value for your chosen coverage. 

Contact Us Today 

Bargain Insurance Connection is dedicated to making your search for homeowners insurance easy. With our help, any Kansas City landlord can get a personalized policy for their needs. Call us at 816-453-7722 or request your free quote now. 

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