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Home » Ways to Find Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance
July 15, 2020

Ways to Find Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance


Just like with cars, high performance motorcycles will cost much more in insurance premium. If you are looking for cheaper motorcycle insurance, try to avoid sport bikes. Touring motorcycles like Harley’s are faring much better when it comes to insurance rates.


Few things to consider how to lower your motorcycle insurance premium:


  • Avoid high performance motorcycles:  While they may be fun to ride, sport bikes are often driven fast and unfortunately accompanied with other riskier riding behavior resulting in more accidents. The insurance rates also reflect this increased risk. Especially avoid modified bikes for performance.
  • Consider completing a safety course: Insurance companies provide a discount for riders that have completed a safety course and have a motorcycle endorsement on their license.
  • Get a motorcycle with a smaller engine: If you really want to get a sport bike look, make sure you get one with a smaller engine. Typically, that would be one with less than 600 cc’s or less.
  • Try paying your insurance premium in full for a year: You can get a significant discount by paying your premium in full vs going month to month.
  • Shop around: After you checked with your insurance company about the rates, check other insurance companies for a rate comparison. Keep in mind that discounts can vary between insurance companies.
  • Join a Rider Club: Some motorcycle insurance companies offer additional discounts if you are member of a rider club.
  • Try to garage your bike: Leaving your motorcycle on the street at night increases chances of it being stolen. Insurer’s often time reward their customers with lower premiums who keep their bikes locked in a garage or storage.
  • Consider liability only: If you have an older motorcycle, think about dropping comprehensive and collision coverage. Weigh to cost of insurance vs cost of replacing your motorcycle. Sometimes it makes sense to keep liability only coverage.


Is motorcycle insurance more expensive than auto insurance?


Well, that depends on multiple factors. A young operator on a high-performance motorcycle will be expensive due their riding inexperience combined with a fast motorcycle. An experienced operator riding a touring bike like a Harley-Davidson, will see much lower insurance premium.

Motorcycle policies are typically issued on an annual basis, taking into consideration low miles during winter months. A basic motorcycle liability policy can run as low as $75 a year. Also, insurance for a moped or a scooter is inexpensive since they are more limited on speed and engine size and are only used locally.


Why does medical coverage on motorcycle insurance policies cost so much? 


The cost of additional medical coverage is sometimes high based on different risk factors. Sports bikes are being driven faster a lot of times, therefore increasing the risk of an accident and the accompanying medical payout from the insurance company. New riders without much experience can be especially at a higher risk of an accident, further increasing that cost. Unlike accidents in cars, collisions involving motorcycle riders almost always entail a medical claim due to less protections around the rider.


Which motorcycle is the safest to ride?


While true that any collision involving a motorcycle is not promising on rider’s safety, some bikes fare better in some accidents. Heavy touring bikes can absorb accidents better harder to get knocked off their path than smaller motorcycles, but their weight can be a challenge for some riders. These bikes can weigh excess of 800 lbs. and it takes more skill to maneuver them around obstacles.

When choosing a motorcycle, people want the bike to match their style and vision. Additional equipment on a motorcycle is important to most riders. When picking the right bike consider your skill level as well. Most motorcycles come with body height suggestion – it is wise to follow their directions.

Cruiser bikes are smaller but are easier to handle for not so experienced riders. Sports bikes are lighter and easier to maneuver, but often they are driven faster by their owners, negating any safety measures. Ultimately, your safety depends how you ride your motorcycle. If you are a thrill seeker and want to go fast, safety features of any motorcycle will not help.


Why can’t I get full coverage on my custom motorcycle?


Custom made motorcycles with state assigned VIN numbers are difficult to rate in value. Many times, they have a frame from one, engine from a different model, different parts put together making it impossible to fix or replace in case of an accident. Most insurance companies offer only liability coverage for kit/home-made motorcycles for that reason. Same applies to some foreign made scooters. Parts are difficult to get by and insurance companies would rather avoid the headache trying to source parts or replacement motorcycle after a loss.

Regardless which motorcycle you choose, we at Bargain Insurance Connection can help you get motorcycle insurance in Kansas City.

Just give us a call at 816.453.7722 for a quick insurance quote or fill out our online quote form.



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