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Home » Is Your Home Adequately Insured? Let’s Uncover the Truth!
December 29, 2023
Bargain Insurance Connection

Is Your Home Adequately Insured? Let’s Uncover the Truth!

Owning a home typically goes hand-in-hand with having homeowners insurance. But, have you ever stopped to wonder, do you have ample coverage? Consider a disastrous event such as a fire. Would your insurance cover the full costs to rebuild your home? It’s an alarming fact that many homeowners are underinsured, leaving them exposed to substantial financial risks.

Let’s dive deeper into the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value. Understanding these terms is key to ensuring you’re adequately covered.

What is Replacement Cost Insurance?

Replacement Cost Insurance is often seen as the best coverage for your home. Simply put, it covers the cost of rebuilding your house in the event of a complete loss. Transitioning from old to new, this coverage ensures your home is rebuilt to the same size and quality. Hence, it provides peace of mind that your home can be restored to its previous glory without any additional financial burden.

Replacement cost implies insuring your home for an amount exceeding its market value. At times, this amount might be double, but it’s crucial for covering labor costs and material prices. Specifically, in Kansas City, rebuilding rates commence at approximately $120 per square foot and it can reach $200 for higher end homes.

Therefore, for a 2,000 square foot house, the replacement cost would primarily be about $240,000. However, based on the materials selected, this cost can escalate substantially. Hence, it is essential to ensure adequate insurance coverage, considering these factors.

Client checking their home insurance policy

What is Actual Cash Value Coverage?

Actual Cash Value (ACV) is an insurance term that signifies the cost to replace your home, less depreciation. In simpler words, it reflects the home’s current market value. Unlike replacement cost, ACV considers the wear and tear of your property. Thus, it might not cover the total cost of repairing or rebuilding your home after a disaster. Consequently, if your home is insured for ACV, you could potentially be left with a significant financial shortfall in the event of a significant loss.

ACV insurance policies have lower premiums but may not cover rebuilding costs after a disaster. They only consider current home value, not construction costs or material prices. This can lead to financial burden if you experience a total loss. Assess coverage carefully to protect yourself financially.

Don’t Forget About Personal Property Coverage

Equally significant to your home’s value is the worth of your personal belongings. Consider, what would be the total cost to replace everything you own? Normally, insurance companies offer personal property coverage at 50% of the dwelling’s value. For instance, if your house is insured for $300,000, you would ideally have personal property coverage amounting to $150,000. Thus, a comprehensive evaluation of your assets contributes to an accurate estimation for insurance coverage.

Scheduling High Value Items in Home Insurance

Precious items like jewelry and firearms often hold a considerable monetary value. Consequently, they merit special attention in your home insurance policy. Remember, standard home insurance policies impose coverage limits for individual items, typically $2,500 for jewelry.

Hence, for these high-value possessions, consider scheduling them specifically in your insurance policy. This measure ensures adequate coverage, safeguarding you against potential financial setbacks in the event of loss or damage. Undoubtedly, this careful planning promotes peace of mind.

Jewelry in a house - schedule your high value items.

Don’t Forget About Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is a crucial component of a homeowners insurance policy. Essentially, it protects if you’re legally responsible for an accident on your property. For instance, if a visitor trips and gets injured, your liability coverage would help cover their medical costs or legal fees if they sue you.

This coverage is vital since accidents are unpredictable, and the resulting financial implications can be substantial. Without it, you could be left to shoulder these costs yourself, potentially leading to financial strain.

Typically, a standard liability coverage amounts to $100,000. However, this can be raised to an impressive $500,000. A higher limit ensures ample protection against potential legal expenses.

Umbrella Policy for Enhanced Liability Limits

For those seeking even higher liability limits, an umbrella policy is a viable option. Offered by your insurance company, these policies provide enhanced protection. With limits of up to $5 million, they substantially exceed the standard liability coverage. This additional coverage secures your financial future, even in the face of significant liability claims.

Review Your Home Insurance Policy Every Year

Regularly reviewing your home insurance policy is of paramount importance. Primarily, this review ensures your coverage keeps pace with fluctuating home values. Importantly, in a buoyant real estate market, house prices often escalate. Consequently, without an annual review, you risk being underinsured.

Moreover, an annual review is the perfect opportunity to discuss any improvements or alterations to your property with your insurance agent. These changes may increase your home’s value, necessitating adjustments to your coverage. Therefore, without such regular assessments, you potentially expose yourself to risk.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to allocate time for this annual review. It ensures you maintain adequate coverage.

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Bargain Insurance Connection: Your Ally for Adequate Home Coverage

At Bargain Insurance Connection, we’re committed to securing your peace of mind. We provide home insurance coverage in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, we specialize in offering comprehensive replacement cost coverage. Our team ensures you’re not just insured, but adequately covered.

We consider it our mission to protect you from the financial trauma of your home being underinsured. To this end, we undertake regular reviews of your coverage. This process enables us to keep pace with fluctuating market values and construction costs.

In sum, Bargain Insurance Connection is always by your side, proactively ensuring your home insurance measures up to the realities of the market.

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