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Home » Commercial Auto Insurance: Maintenance Tips to Help Reduce Insurance Claims
December 28, 2021

Commercial Auto Insurance: Maintenance Tips to Help Reduce Insurance Claims

Maintaining a commercial auto insurance plan is generally necessary for today’s business owner. If you own a fleet of vehicles or even just a few, the goal is to keep these vehicles in the best shape possible so they continue to meet your business needs.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen regardless of what type of maintenance and upkeep you do. That’s why you have a comprehensive business insurance plan to help. However, today’s businesses can potentially reduce their risk of claims with regular vehicle maintenance.

Maintenance Tips Can Help You Protect Your Vehicle 

Those who own commercial auto insurance policies have vehicles that employees use on a regular basis for business needs. These vehicles are generally widely used and often will see more routine use than the average vehicle. Here are some tips for meeting maintenance needs on them.

  • Select a single mechanic or firm to handle all of the repairs and maintenance on your vehicle. This way, there is a long, organized list of information available about the vehicle, the repairs done to it, and any services it may need. This type of ongoing management is important for most commercial vehicles. 

  • Empower employees to share information. Provide a simple and straightforward way for employees to report concerns about the vehicle. This includes having a way to quickly report problems. 

  • Use a computer system to manage the maintenance and changes to the vehicle. This in-house solution is important for businesses that have a large number of vehicles that are hard to manage otherwise. 

Business owners need to keep their business vehicles operational and as safe as possible. It is always important to replace tires and keep the engine in good shape to minimize the risk of a breakdown or a larger accident.

When maintenance is a priority for your fleet, it can help with any claims that are made. It shows there’s limited risk that the accident or claim would be due to poor maintenance.

For these reasons, it is important to prioritize maintenance and recordkeeping for your fleet. Doing so could save you money on your business insurance in the long term.

If you have questions about your commercial auto policy, call us today.

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