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Home » How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance | Bargain Insurance Connection
December 16, 2021

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance | Bargain Insurance Connection

Savings On Auto Insurance Without Skimping Coverage:


First you need to check whether you need only a liability or comprehensive and collision coverage. If you own an older vehicle, liability only would be sufficient for most people. It is also the cheaper option. If you have a loan on the vehicle, your lender will require you to maintain comprehensive and collision (full coverage) for the duration of the loan.

You also need to take in consideration how easily is the vehicle replaceable in case of a total loss. If you can afford to buy another vehicle, then you could be fine with liability only.


Compare the Plans and Coverages:


While some customers prefer higher limits of coverage, others put more weight on the price and may be fine with state minimum coverage. See what is important to you and find a middle ground.

Auto insurance consist of different types of coverage, like limits for medical expenses and property damage. Each state that mandates auto insurance has a minimum requirement.

If you choose state minimum, it may not be enough to take care of all property damage and medical expenses after an accident.In many states, the minimum coverage is $25,000 medical per person, $50,000 medical per accident and $25,000 property damage. It is written as 25/50/25 limit.

High limits are considered 100/300/100 and offer much more protection. You should consider that limit if you own a home or other valuable property. Lawsuits after an accident can put your home in jeopardy if your insurance limits are exhausted.

We always suggest getting a higher limit, since it offers greater protection.


Ask About Add-Ons:


Every auto insurance policy has optional coverages. Things like rental car, roadside assistance, GAP insurance and medical payments. These coverages can significantly increase your premium. See what you need and what you can live without.


Compare Your Deductibles:


Your deductible is your out-of-pocket expense after an at-fault accident. Insurance companies only pay for damages above the limit of your deductible. Most common deductible is $500, but some people choose a higher amount of $1,000 which can save you money on the premium.

Make sure to consider what the deductible is on the new policy.


Check the Claims Handling Process:


You can always find reviews online about every insurance company. Most insurance companies handle claims in-house, which tends to make the process faster, but some smaller companies may hire a third-party. If you see common complaints online about certain companies claims handling, maybe you should steer away.


Be Prepared When Shopping for Auto Insurance:


Make sure that you understand all coverages on your policy, always ask your agent if you don’t understand something. Now it’s the best time to do so and not after a claim. Compare coverages to your current policy if applicable, make sure you are getting the same or better coverage.

Look at all payment options, most companies offer good discounts if you pay your premium in full. Another option to save money is to setup automatic payments. Insurance companies love when they don’t have to send out monthly bills and hence the discount.


Take A Look At Your Situation:


Has anything changed in your household? Do you have additional drivers this time, have you paid off your car in the meantime?

If you have paid off your car, you could consider carrying only liability. Also, make sure you disclose all new drivers in your household. This is a common area of misrepresentation, and it can jeopardize your coverage.


Now that you know what to consider searching for a right auto insurance policy, are you ready to shop for Auto Insurance? Get a free quote today.

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