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Home » Questions To Ask When Shopping for Auto Insurance:
January 14, 2020

Questions To Ask When Shopping for Auto Insurance:

A good time to start reviewing your auto insurance is after you’ve had your policy for at least six months. At this point you qualify for a prior insurance discount which can be up to 20% reduction.

Ask your insurance agent or your company to see if they can offer you better rates at that time.

Should I Go With An Independent Insurance Agency?

If your current insurance policy is with an independent insurance agency, they likely are working with different insurance companies and can check their rates and coverage which can work better with your budget. If you are insured with a captive agent, they are limited to one insurance company only and maybe it’s time to start contacting other insurance companies for better rates if you feel your premium is excessive.

What Is Causing My Higher Premium?

Most common factors for higher premium are your driving record and the vehicle you drive. If you have moving violations or accidents on your record, it can negatively affect your insurance premium. Some vehicles are more expensive than others, sports cars tend to be a higher risk to insure, especially if the driver is young too.

What Discounts Can I Get?

Most companies offer dozens of discounts you may qualify for. Biggest discounts are for having prior insurance, being a safe driver and a having multiple vehicles insured.

Other discounts include homeowners discount, claims free discount and good student discount. Another more recent discounts offered have to do with the safety of your car, for example if your vehicle is equipped with autonomous emergency braking, this feature can help you lower your premium.

Why Does Marital Status Affect My Insurance?

The insurance company is trying to determine how likely are you to have a car accident. Statistics show that married people are getting into fewer accidents than single people and the insurance rates can reflect that. If you do get married, notify your insurance company to possibly get better rates. However, if your spouse has less than stellar driving record, you may end up paying more in insurance. Same applies that young drivers are at higher risk of being in an accident that older drivers.

I Don’t Own A Car, Why Do I Need Insurance?

If you rent or you are driving someone else’s vehicle frequently, you might consider getting a non-owner insurance policy. This policy covers you as a driver on vehicles you don’t own. Non-owner insurance provides basic liability only.

Should I get GAP Insurance?

If you didn’t put down much of a down payment or have a long-term auto loan (6+ years), it is wise to purchase the GAP insurance. This can be purchased from the auto dealer or from your insurance company. It pays the difference between your vehicles value and what you owe on the car in case of a total loss.

Should I Only Get Minimum Insurance?

Most states have a minimum requirement on insurance, typically the limit is 25/50. While this may be enough for most accidents, if you cause more damage (think medical expenses and property damage) than the minimum limit you carry, you might find yourself responsible to pay the excess if the other party files a lawsuit against you. If you own a house, you should try getting higher limits of liability to protect your assets in case of a lawsuit against you.


Bargain Insurance Connection is here for you to navigate the complex insurance world. Call us if you need a consultation or just see to review your current rates at 816.453.7722 or 1.877.453.7374.

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