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Home » Can Non-Married Couples Share Auto Insurance
June 2, 2022

Can Non-Married Couples Share Auto Insurance

If you and your significant other have decided to move in together, then one of you will likely have to make changes to their auto policy. At minimum, you might have to update your address, or add your partner as a permissive driver on your plan. However, what happens if you want to combine your auto policy with your partner’s to save on insurance? Can you take this step?

Generally, it is not particularly difficult for a couple who lives together to combine their auto coverage, even if they are not married. However, always think carefully about what the ramifications might be by doing so. Ask yourself the following questions:

Who is the vehicle owner?

Most of the time, car insurance policies can only insure vehicles that belong to one owner. Therefore, if your name is on one car’s title, and your partner’s name is on their title, you will likely have to buy separate car insurance policies for each vehicle.

However, if you and your partner buy a car together and both sign the title, then you will be co-owners and only have to buy one auto policy for the vehicle. If you both own multiple cars together, then you can generally insure all your vehicle under a multi-vehicle policy. Therefore, each vehicle will still receive coverage even though you will only pay one premium. You might also be able to tailor certain coverage to each vehicle uniquely.

If you and your partner only own one vehicle, then you can generally add your partner as a named insured driver, even if their name is not on the vehicle title. Even if this person does not own the car, they still might use it, and therefore, they will need adequate car insurance to protect them.

Some policies don’t require you to name other drivers on your policy as long as you give them permission to use the vehicle. However, out of abundance of caution, it is usually best to add your partner as a named insured anyway.

Keep in mind, however, that by adding multiple drivers or multiple vehicles into a single policy, your premiums might increase. Any claims made on the policy by any driver could also impact the policyholder’s overall risk rating. Therefore, your own rates might rise even if your partner is the person who causes a wreck. If the two of you eventually separate, then this claim might still remain on your auto insurance history and could cause you to face higher rates in the future.

Still, combining policies with your partner can help you only pay one premium instead of two. The cost increase that might result is usually much less than separate premiums on separate policies. However, you’ll both have to do your due diligence to remain safe drivers and keep your policy updated in case your relationship status changes.

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