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Home » How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Rollovers
September 27, 2021

How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Rollovers

Rolling your truck can cost you your life. It can also result in the loss of life of others. However, rollovers are preventable. The following are a few tips to help you prevent the potential for rolling over.

Tip #1: Always Consider the Conditions of the Road 

Whether you are driving during a winter storm or you are driving on a damaged rural road, you must recognize the potential for danger. As a professional driver, you’re expected to adjust your driving based on the conditions on the road in order to protect your life and those around you.

Tip #2: Adjust Speeds at Every Curve 

One of the dangers of driving for years is the fact that you take some of the same roads each day. A familiarity with these roads gives you a false sense that you can ignore common sense safety precautions like slowing down for curves.

Failing to slow down in curves was the most common reason truck drivers had a rollover. No matter how many times you’ve taken a particular road, you should always follow safety measures that reduce the instance of you getting into an accident.

Tip #3: Remain Focused on the Road 

Another big driving mistake that often led to rollovers is over correcting. Drivers over-correct when they have to respond suddenly. A sudden reaction to hazards on the roads are usually due to a driver being distracted behind the wheel. With a constant focus on the road, drivers will have time to adjust their driving to avoid hazards. Knowing how to correct your steering is a practical driving technique that helps to save your life and prevents your company’s trucking insurance from increasing due to an accident.

Tip #4: Adjust Your Driving Based on Load Shifts 

When you are carrying an overweight load, your truck may shift based on how the load shifts. The pull from heavy loads can be sudden and dangerous. Without anticipating a shift, you could miss adjusting to your load and inadvertently have a rollover.

Rollovers pose a danger to you, other drivers and your trucking company. Fortunately, rollovers are preventable when truck drivers focus on the road and their driving.

We’ve got you covered on the road. Call Bargain Insurance Connection at (816) 453-7722 for more information on trucking insurance.

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