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Home » Need to File SR22? Here is What it Means!
May 8, 2020

Need to File SR22? Here is What it Means!

Needing an SR22 does not always mean higher insurance cost. If you find yourself in a situation where you are required by the state to file an SR22 to keep you license valid, no need to panic. Here is what you need to know about SR22’s:


How does SR22 Insurance Work?


SR22 is a certificate that your insurance company files with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state notifying them that you are complying with the state minimum insurance requirement. How will I know if I need SR22? If you need the SR22 you will get a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles telling you about the requirement. The SR22 can be ordered either by a court or the state.


Do I need SR22 to reinstate my license?


In most cases the SR22 is required for your license reinstatement. In addition to the SR22, the state might ask you to pay a reinstatement fee as well. Your reinstatement fee is usually $20, but it could be more depending on the violations and your driving history.


What causes SR22 requirement?


Different things can trigger the SR22 filing need. Driving without insurance, driving while suspended, without a valid license or DUI are the most common reasons for SR22 requirement. Other things like missing a court date, unpaid tickets or even missing child support payment can lead to SR22 filing request.


Do I Need SR22 and regular insurance?


In most cases no, you can add an SR22 filing to your existing auto insurance policy. While most companies allow it, there is also a chance that your insurance premium will increase because of that. There are also insurance companies that do not want drivers with SR22 filing since that puts you in a higher risk category and may choose to be not renew your policy.


What if I miss a payment on my SR22 insurance?


If your insurance policy cancels due to a missed payment, your insurance company will notify the state you are licensed in about the cancellation. The insurance company will send an SR26 form, effectively cancelling your SR22. In turn, the state will notify you that your license is in danger of being suspended again. Most states will give you some time to replace the missed payment before acting on your license, but time frames wary between states.


How can I get SR22 if I do not own a car?


In cases where you need to get SR22 insurance, but you do not own any vehicles, you can purchase a non-owner policy. This type of policy provides liability coverage on you as a driver of a non-owned vehicle.


Does Non-Owner Insurance cover any car I drive?


Non-owner policies do have some exclusions, namely coverage would not apply to vehicles you own or have available for regular use. If you are driving someone else’s vehicle frequently, it’s best that the owner of the car adds you to their policy as a driver. With some insurance companies you can get insurance on someone else’s vehicle under your name if you are a frequent driver. Check with your insurance company or agent to make sure you are complying with their underwriting guidelines.


Does SR22 require full coverage?


The SR22 only requires that you maintain at least the minimum coverage for your state. You do not need comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle to get SR22 insurance. If you already have full coverage on your vehicle, you can add the SR22 to your policy.


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