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Home » Commercial Trucking Insurance Quotes in St. Louis, MO

Commercial Trucking Insurance Quotes in St. Louis, MO

At Bargain Insurance Connection, we excel in offering premier commercial truck insurance quotes in St. Louis, MO. We cater to a variety of trucks, including semi-trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, and cargo vans. We ensure our clients receive the best coverage by only associating with financially stable, superior insurance companies.

Trust us to deliver comprehensive and affordable commercial auto insurance designed specifically for St. Louis truckers.

Get the Best Trucking Insurance Coverage:

In the bustling city of St. Louis, MO, commercial truck operations are a vital part of commerce. Whether you’re hauling freight across the country in a semi-truck or delivering local goods in a box truck or cargo van, the road can be unpredictable.

  • Liability Coverage: $2 million in liability insurance. You will drive confident knowing you’re protected.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured: protect yourself with up to $1 million in uninsured coverage.
  • Comprehensive & Collision Insurance: complete coverage for your truck in case of an accident.
  • Rental Truck: get rental truck with downtime. Continue your trucking business uninterrupted.
  • Roadside Assistance: help on the road when you need it the most.
  • Cargo Coverage: up to $500,000 in cargo coverage. Protect it against accidents, fire or theft.
  • Trailer Interchange: for times when you need complete coverage for non-owned trailers.
  • General Liability Insurance: protect your business against bodily injury and property damage claims.

Semi-truck driving on the highway

We Provide Federal and State Filings

We understand that dealing with regulatory filings can be daunting, especially for businesses operating in the commercial trucking sector. Our agents will ensure that all your necessary filings are taken care of.

We assist our clients with Federal Liability Filing, and MCS-90, ensuring you meet federal regulations to keep your business on the road. Additionally, we also help with State Filings, as per the requirements so you comply with local statutes.

We go the extra mile to keep your commercial operations running smoothly and legally.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Commercial Auto Insurance Cost in St. Louis, MO

The cost of commercial truck insurance in St. Louis, MO can greatly vary and is influenced by several factors. One of the primary considerations is the type of truck being insured, as semi-truck insurance may differ from coverage for box trucks, dump trucks, or cargo vans.

Equally important is the radius of operation; a truck operating locally might have different insurance costs compared to one traversing across state lines. Additionally, the age and driving record of the driver play a significant role.

Also, a seasoned driver with a clean driving record may attract lower premiums compared to a relatively new driver or a driver with a history of traffic violations. Hence, it’s essential to understand these factors when evaluating the cost of commercial auto insurance.

On average, a semi-truck policy covering a radius of 500 miles or more, including cargo coverage, can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 per year.

Get Non-Trucking Insurance

What is Non-Trucking Coverage

Non-trucking insurance is a crucial element of commercial truck insurance. This specific policy provides liability coverage, and can even extend to comprehensive and collision coverage, when your truck is not attached to a trailer and is being used strictly for personal purposes.

At Bargain Insurance Connection, we understand the unique needs of St. Louis truckers and are committed to providing robust commercial auto insurance solutions that encompass all aspects of your trucking operations.

Where Can I Find the Top Commercial Trucking Insurance?

At Bargain Insurance Connection, we provide top-tier commercial truck insurance, giving you the superior coverage you can feel confident with on the road. Our insurance plans are designed to protect you, your vehicle, and your business, ensuring a smooth journey no matter where your routes take you. With our comprehensive commercial auto insurance, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today for a free quote or request a quote below.

Get commercial truck insurance quote in St. Louis, MO

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